About the campaign

#ReadyToVote is a social media and email campaign to get new citizens ready to vote and out to the polls. First, take our quiz then check out our resources page to get vote-ready. Share the quiz with family and friends, and see you at the polls! DOWNLOAD IMAGES (POSTERS, ICONS, JPEGS)

About the report

Ballots & Belonging – New Citizens on Political Participation is a new national study that explores Canadian democracy through the eyes of more than 2,300 of Canada’s newest citizens – a growing group that is keen to participate and give back to their new home. DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT HERE or CHECK OUT THE HIGHLIGHT REPORT

About the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC)

The ICC is a national non-profit that promotes active citizenship and helps accelerate new citizens' inclusion into Canadian life through innovative programs and research. TO LEARN MORE, VISIT ICC-ICC.CA